This is my journey...
Firers Furnic born July 30, 1980 to not only strong but loving young parents. Given the name at birth, Firers never understood why she allowed others to give her a nickname. Due to the lack of patience and understanding, made it easy at a young age. To add insult to identity theft they nicknamed her Nikki, how basic can it really get you ask. Well we had to ask the same question. Today with fire in her spirit and glory in her eyes, Firers will let anyone that call her any thing different know "unless you enjoy playing with fire, i suggest you remember i was born lit." With that, she has always been able to give plentifully, to others without cease.

At the age seven, she knew there was something much greater than her own wants. To learn her father, never knew his biological parents and her mother parents, divorced at a young age. Only for Firers parents to marry, split, get back together and split for good. Which makes her story even more unique. 
Firers started The Generous Queen Non-Profit in 2010 from her front door in Douglasville, Ga to the city of Atlanta. 
Never been the one to shy away from helping others and placing others in winning positions. Teaming up with other well know organizations by Feeding the hungry, providing clothing for those in need and personal hygiene items. Giving Information to better any situation to single parents. Firers experiencing a few of these resources herself on her journey, she decided to reach back, encourage and lift others.
In order to help others, you first have to learn to fend for self. That's what my grandmother told me when I was 15. I didn't understand at the time, yet over time it became clear. If a person does not have experience in something they are giving you advice regarding. Ask for credentials, because they may be just blowing smoke.

"I have never been above sleeping on the floor or couch, even if it was not my own. Especially, when i have a family depending on me." 
Work Smart, Stay Humble." 
                                                   ~Firers Furnic

If you are not one of those people that enjoy watching smoke, please join me and the entire generous crew. We will be going city to city speaking to the youth and encouraging adults to begin where they are in life, starting new. 
If you would like to join us on this amazing journey please click link below. 
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